"One February morning everything changed in ways I could never have imagined."

Vasyl Moldavchuk


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Pray for Ukraine

"Thank you to everyone who sends us kind words during this time of crisis. I live in Kharkov, we are bombed every day, and I pray that this all stops. This is a picture my friend painted at the height of the war.

For my family, my Etsy business was the only source of income, and now it is no longer possible.*

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and for supporting my small business. I hope the troops will be brought back in the name of humanity."

Olga - LiliBeadShop on Etsy, IG @lilibeadshop

[*Editor's note - Olga says that she is still able to receive payments, at least for digital items]


new approaches to climate

Usually this section looks at an artist exploring forward-looking themes about our relationship to nature and the environment, but Ukraine takes over this week. As you can see, this selection of work just so happens to look at those themes too.

On a suggestion posted online, I spent some time browsing Ukrainian artists' shops on Etsy. If you're willing to wade through, there's some nice stuff in there. If you're not, I did it for you!

Artists in Ukraine are obviously struggling like everyone else in the current situation. Many who are on Etsy are offering digital download versions of their work for a very low price, I bought all of these files for a total of maybe 40-50 bucks. I messaged them first to make sure they were ok, operating, and able to receive money. Yes they are, and they were very appreciative of the support as you can imagine. A great thing about supporting them this way is that even if they have to leave the country, maintaining their Etsy shops as an income stream is possible from wherever they land.

Etsy as direct aid. You know what to do.

[Update: "Ukrainian sellers report a wave of hacking Etsy shops that sell digitals" Wow, seriously? So be patient and keep trying if necessary. At least one seller posted here successfully fended off her hacker and didn't lose any money.]

At Dawn

Julia K

Store: KotomuzArt


Julia K

Store: KotomuzArt

Friends, thank you so much for your support of my art and my country of Ukraine! Your kindness and care are endless! I love you, take care!


Maria M

Store: MeriteWatercolour

The more people buy from my shop the more I can donate to my local community and other local needs! In my recent Instagram post I wrote about the sum I designated from Etsy purchases for donation purposes, and included links to my records. It also helps my family, because sources of income are gone here at the moment.

I also created a linktree, where you can find my donation records in real time, as well as the links to all prints which I am able to print and ship internationally, and link to my Instagram account.
Thanks to COVID, many printing companies began offering remote services and I luckily switched to printing in USA and Europe just before the war.

Pray for Ukraine

Vasyl M

Store: ArtWavesGallery

Ukrainian Storks Nest


Store: InezArtStore

A few years ago I opened this shop from Kyiv, Ukraine.
One February morning everything changed in ways I could never have imagined.
Me and my son had to escape from the war. It wasn't so easy, but now we are safe, finding a shelter in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Part of my family still stays in Kyiv, Ukraine, so I'm trying to support them, sending my profit from art.

Sky Storks

Alena K

Store: HealthyLinen

IG @Dyvooo

FB Dyvooo.official

Please support us in this difficult situation. Part of the funds from your order will be transferred to the needs of our army and people, who become homeless.


music to carry us forward

"Habibi is a symbolic persona for all people seeking refuge in the world. For all people without a home."
These are no good times
And if you knew what it was
No guiding bright star leading you home
Some travelled big oceans
In boats with no names
No jimmies to greet you
Just filling out forms

And the nights could seem quiet
But the silence can grow. Don't be a stranger
Happy new home

One could expect some decency
With the bright stars over the suburbs
Merry Christmas Habibi, happy new home

To the poor and the weak ones
To the happy or drunk
Stay calm in the trenches
Don't losе the hopes
We'll makе you the queen of the town here
We'll make you some room
To make you feel home

And one could expect some dignity
And could forget what they’ve said
You talked me down from the roof tonight
Merry Christmas Habibi
I love you so


David Schulman - https://www.quietlifemotel.com/
Mark Sylvester - https://www.marksylvester.net/

Last weekend Viaduct Arts organized a Ukraine benefit concert in our driveway on three days’ notice - and it worked! We had a good turnout, stellar performances, and most importantly the donations flowed.

Artists were kind enough to offer not just their time and talents but free merch to use as donation rewards.

We’re going to keep the Songs for Ukraine fundraiser going a little longer and try to hit our goal of $3000 for Voices of Children, a Ukrainian NGO.

Hit the link please if you’d like to contribute: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8HMFuSUYiQ


Arvo Pärt to the People of Ukraine

Dear friends in Ukraine, dear colleagues, dear all fighting for your home at the price of your life,

We bow before your bravery, bravery in the face of nearly unbearable suffering.

We are with you as much as we are able to. All that is left to us is a lump in our throats and tears and prayers. Words have begun to lose their meaning.

Forgive us!

Forgive us for failing to protect you from a disaster unimaginable in our time.

Long live Ukraine! Слава Україні!

Arvo Pärt Centre

Yo Yo Ma was just playing his cello in front of the Russian embassy

Prince of Petworth | March 7, 2022

We all have to do something.

‘Creatives For Ukraine’ Seeking Submissions

Reykjavik Grapevine | March 4, 2022

‘Creatives for Ukraine’ platform serves both as an expression of solidarity and an open source for visual images for the media or anyone in the world to illustrate the situation in Ukraine.