ViaArt is a grassroots collaboration in Takoma Park MD between Viaduct Arts and Takoma Artery, focused on artists doing what we can, together, where we are. So far it's a combination of discussion group and artist showcase, but half the fun has been figuring out what it is.

Takoma Artery, founded by Eleanor Landstreet and Tuula Ehn-Smith, is an artist/artisan collective that supports the livelihoods of local artists and fills vacant or underused storefront windows with arts and handicrafts from Takoma Park’s creative community.

As a mix of artists, musicians, and the otherwise art-inclined, ViaArt members meet up in a boho garage space, get to know each other, crack jokes, play songs, get more serious, put some art on the fence or in the garden, talk about the climate crisis and what we can do, have some snacks, share ideas, talk about art, come up with and quickly discard stupid names for the group (don't ask about "Dirtbags"), create a little buzz of positive solidarity, wear masks, talk about things like the Velvet Revolution, rattle on a little long but it's all cool and energizing.

Probably better to show it, above are some photos from our first few low-key events. If you're local to the DC area, get in touch if you'd like to join.